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Our Magic Media VFX Pipeline

March 9, 2023

At the forefront of our visual effects services is our state-of-the-art VFX pipeline, a finely tuned and highly adaptable system that ensures the efficient and effective creation of visually stunning effects for any project, regardless of its size or budget. Our pipeline is divided into several key stages including pre-production, production, and post-production, each one meticulously planned and executed to deliver exceptional quality results. We understand that every project is unique and has its own set of challenges, that's why our pipeline is designed to be highly adaptable, allowing us to streamline collaboration and communication between different members of the team. It also helps us to avoid common pitfalls and project delays, saving time and resources. The production of complicated VFX shots/scenes is a complex process that requires creativity and thoughtful processes at every stage of production. Our pipeline covers every step of the production of complex photorealistic shots with or without CG characters and goes as follows;

Research and Development

We approach every project with a unique perspective, our R&D team and technical director collaborate closely with department supervisors to determine the most efficient technical approach for each shot. We utilize a variety of software at various stages of production, custom tools and plugins are developed to streamline the pipeline, allowing for seamless collaboration and data transfer among artists. A robust pipeline structure is crucial in ensuring efficiency and consistency throughout the production process.

Storyboarding and Animatics

We understand the importance of well-planned and executed visual storytelling. Together with the creative production team and director, we take a proactive approach and develop storyboards and animatics to give an idea of how the shot will look and what is required to shoot it.


At this stage of the VFX production process, we are creating a detailed representation of the final shot by defining the placement, trajectory, and layout of assets, as well as determining camera movement and angles. This information not only helps to provide a clearer understanding of the final product but also allows the production team to make informed decisions on which elements will be captured on set and which will be executed through visual effects. By utilizing this approach, we are able to ensure that the final shot is executed with precision and accuracy, meeting the highest industry standards.

Concept Art and Design

Concept art and design play a vital role in the pre-production phase, as they provide a visual representation of the film's aesthetic and style. Concept artists or teams, create detailed images that define settings, characters, props, costumes, lighting, color, and more. These images serve as a guide for the rest of the production process and help to establish the overall look and feel of the film. Concept art is instrumental in defining the mood and style of the film, making it a crucial aspect of the pre-production process.

Layout and Production Design

Creating visual representations of final sets is essential for production planning and execution. The process helps the physical set team communicate the possibilities and limitations of live-action shoots to the directors and producers, while also informing the VFX team of any necessary digital set builds and the placement of green screens. The layout team and production designers utilize a variety of tools such as drawings, photos, scans, and 3D renderings to finalize the sets.

Modeling and Asset Creation

We specialize in creating assets and models of any complexity including photorealistic CG characters with facial rigging, digital doubles, and non-human forms. Our team works closely with the production team to determine the most cost-effective method for capturing assets, whether through live-action or VFX. All assets are created using industry-standard tools and can be easily reused for future projects.


We create robust rigging systems for characters and assets prior to animation, allowing for precise and realistic control. Our rigging techniques range from simple to complex, incorporating skin weighting and muscle simulation for natural movement.


Our animators use advanced rigging systems and controls to bring CG characters, digital doubles, and props to life. To further enhance realism, motion capture data may be integrated into the animation process.

FX and Simulation

Our FX team specializes in creating realistic digital simulations, including destruction, fire, liquids, smoke, particle simulations, and hair. We work in close collaboration with animators and modelers to ensure natural movement and interaction of simulated elements with the environment.

Lighting and Rendering

Our lighting artists use advanced techniques and tools to create realistic lighting environments, ensuring that light, color, intensity, and shadows match live-action footage and other 3D assets. Each shot is rendered using the same camera angles and movement to ensure seamless integration during compositing.


This is the final stage of VFX production, where elements such as raw footage, visual effects, animation, and matte paintings are seamlessly integrated to create the illusion of a cohesive scene. Our compositors utilize advanced tools and techniques to achieve this. To streamline the process, we rely on the automation and custom-built tools provided by our central pipeline management system, Shotgrid, allowing our artists to focus on creating visually stunning effects.

By having these streamlined processes in place, we allow more space to utilize our skills in creativity and maximize our quality that fits within the project's time and budget constraints. Unlock the full potential of your project with Magic Media's elite VFX services. From in-game to cinematics and beyond, we deliver visually stunning results that surpass expectations. Contact us today to elevate your project to new heights.

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